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Who I am and what I do

I love juxtaposed textures, the structure of cloth and traditional/historic textile processes, so not surprisingly these all feature in my work.  For me there is a poignant element in the making of fabric and a perceptible collaboration with personal stories, our journeys through life and ultimately our memories.  My work involves creating ‘story cloths’, collecting personal stories, in particular stories of change, events or circumstances that prove to be corrosive to our physical or mental wellbeing but as a result, we change in our outlook, movement, tolerance – adapting to circumstances. The making process for this work focuses on using an ancient Japanese technique of producing hand twisted paper yarn, which is then woven.  Each paper holds a story and so when woven the cloth becomes the custodian of that story. 

Currently I am exploring the concept of frailty and fragility in relationship to human emotions, memories and the harmonies in our connection to the physical world. In addition to the paper cloth I use a combination of materials, encouraging the changes they impose on each other to create opposing textures and effects.  This is enhanced by employing a variety of textile techniques and construction methods, and increasingly by exploring textiles combined with mixed media, such as dry point, chine colle and emulsion lifting.

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